François Pralus decorated by Emmanuel Macron

François Pralus décoré par Emmanuel Macron

In October 2021, the President of the Republic stopped at the Pralus store in Montbrison to present François Pralus with the insignia of Knight of the National Order of Merit.

The ceremony took place in front of the store on rue Tupinerie, in the middle of the street and it was a first, said the President. An event shared with the Montbrisonnais who came in large numbers that afternoon along the route of the presidential procession. During a moving speech, the President retraced the history of the Pralus house, from its creation by Auguste Pralus in Roanne in 1948 to its current expansion . “Your products are those which create links between us, which we offer to each other, which we share. More than simply the art of the table, it is our art of living, our art of being French that you carry, that you celebrate, that you transmit, that you instill and which has made you one of our ambassadors” , said the President, emphasizing the virtues of Praluline – “the secret of longevity” – when he greeted the mother of François Pralus, then aged 101. “You are a name, you are a brand, you are this know-how and this family tradition, and you are a source of pride for our country,” he said before decorating François Pralus.

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