Lemon Madeleines

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Lemon madeleines from Maison Pralus are more than just a dessert.

Their carefully crafted recipe is a well-kept secret, which gives them a deliciously tangy taste and a soft texture.

To prepare these delicious madeleines, we use quality ingredients: good fresh butter, eggs, flour and of course, lemon zest to add that touch of acidity and freshness.

The preparation begins in our Roanne laboratories, by mixing the dough. Lemon zest is then added to delicately flavor the preparation. This creamy dough is then poured into specific molds to obtain the characteristic shape of the madeleines.

Cooking is done in the ovens which cook the incomparable Praluline every day, where they take on a beautiful golden color while remaining soft inside.

These lemon madeleines are a real delight, to be enjoyed at any time of the day, whether for breakfast, dessert or snack. The most gourmands among us dip them in melted dark chocolate for an intense dessert, or accompany them with Hazelnut Cream for a treat full of sweetness...

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