The pastry

In the Roanne region

A renowned pastry shop from the outset, the Pralus house remains so and offers cakes only in shops in the Roanne region.

Around twenty desserts, tarts and ice creams, including some recipes created by Auguste Pralus, Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

Among the bestsellers, the fresh raspberry tart, often made for more than 100 people; the Paris-Dakar, its chocolate puff pastry and its light Chuao cream, or the Edelweiss, its fresh raspberries and its light vanilla cream in a crunchy puff pastry. Our Roanne, Renaison and Charlieu pastries also offer around twenty recipes available in half-evening cakes, made every day by the factory's pastry chefs.

In all our stores

Beyond Roanne, in Pralus boutiques throughout France, you will also find alongside Praluline, a beautiful range of recipes concocted by our pastry chefs. Our collection of macarons: light and crunchy, around ten flavors highlight our pralines, pink praline and fruity flavors combined with the scent of almond from their shell.

Treat yourself or offer our Orange Cake or our Florentines which combine the flavor of toasted almonds, candied orange and dark chocolate. Unless you prefer our light and tender madeleines, whose buttery flavor is enhanced by lemon zest.

Fans of pink pralines, fall for our crunchy pink praline shortbread or melt for our powdered meringues: they are sprinkled with flaked almonds and have been dipped in dark chocolate for even more deliciousness...

We will not forget the Sublimes, our delicate shortbreads coated in chocolate, nor the Petits sablés by Auguste Pralus, whose recipe is still perpetuated today.



Generous, delicious, addictive, amazing... Praluline multiplies the superlatives and has made a reputation beyond the town of Roanne where it was created.

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