Pink Pralines

Specialties from the Rhône-Alpes region, pink pralines have been made for more than sixty years at Pralus according to an immutable recipe and gesture. “Pink gold” from Maison Pralus is carefully selected Piedmont hazelnuts and Valencia almonds, nestled in a shell of pink sugar. Once roasted to the core in copper turbines, the fruits are coated in cooked sugar, in successive layers, ladle by ladle.

Our teams produce 1.2 tonnes every day, most of which are crushed to garnish the Praluline. Whole, you simply bite them like candy. Pink pralines are also used in typical recipes from the Rhône-Alpes region: praline tarts in particular. A bag of pralines, a pot of crème fraîche, a sweet pastry and that's it!

This specialty has marked the history of the Pralus house since it led to the creation of Praluline®, our brioche with crushed pralines which has become an essential pastry in the region.

Dried fruits coated with chocolate

To munch on: Mexican , Piedmontese , Agatines , chocolate-coated beans

In the factory's copper cauldrons, our chocolatiers create delicious treat recipes using chocolate from the factory's conches. The people of Piedmont celebrate the marriage of Piedmont hazelnuts and milk chocolate. Hand-coated, Mexican almonds are covered in our dark chocolate and powdered with cocoa.

If you like our Carré de café® , try the Perles de Café , light and crispy cereal balls coated with Coffee Milk and Mocha or Café Noisette , toasted Piedmont hazelnuts coated with Carré de café® Milk and Mocha.

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Chocolate candies

The recipes, developed by François Pralus, combine the crunch and strength of the coating, with the fondant of the ganache or praline.

In their striped box, the classic black or milk thistles sit alongside surprising lemon ganaches or nougat as well as a unique candy from the Carré de café.

Fall for the Milk Ganache and its melting Mélissa heart, for the Palet or and its coffee-flavored ganache… Fall for the Gianduja, almond praline with hazelnut pieces coated in dark chocolate!

To be enjoyed without delay! Our ganaches are made with crème fraîche, allow a maximum of three weeks of storage, in a cool, dry place.

  • storage between 12 and 15°C.
  • Do not put in the refigerator.
  • ideal tasting temperature: 18 to 20°C.
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The pastry

A renowned pastry shop from the beginning, Maison Palus remains so and offers cakes only in shops in the Roanne region.

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