The Pyramid of the Tropics celebrates its 20th anniversary

La Pyramide des tropiques fête ses 20 ans

Flagship product of the Pralus house, the Pyramide des Tropiques was created by François Pralus in 2003. A world tour of flavors in ten origins and an invitation to travel to the lands of cocoa planters, to discover unexpected and sometimes surprising.

By stacking 10 chocolate bars from ten different origins, François Pralus offers the tasting of a range of chocolate origins illustrating the variety of flavors that the beans can develop depending on the terroir where they are grown. This product is already 20 years old! Today, François Pralus still does not mix the origins of beans and offers 15 origins of cocoa in bars. Its Pyramid of the Tropics is available in an organic version and in Neapolitan strips.

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