Black Infernal Bar

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Signature creations by François Pralus, the Bars Infernales concentrate the pleasures of chocolate, combine crunchiness with fondant and offer a marriage of flavors around exceptional chocolates. XXL version of pleasure, 160 grams of pure indulgence! Our Dark Infernal Bar is made up of a dark chocolate shell containing a praline garnished with roasted Valencia almonds.

Infernal pleasure

The black infernal bar promises a tasty experience. The shell is made of dark chocolate and contains a praline garnished with roasted Valencia almonds, which add a crunchy and delicately toasted touch.

  • Dark chocolate: deep and intense, it provides a rich base for the praline.
  • Praline: Provides creaminess and delicious sweetness, an intense taste.
  • Roasted Valencia Almonds: They add a touch of crunch and toasted notes, which perfectly complement the taste profile of this Infernal Bar.
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