The ambassador of the Pralus house

One fine morning, Auguste Pralus places a pink praline brioche in his window. Since "that blessed day in 1955", in the words of his son François, Praluline® has never left the front row of Pralus stores.

Generous, both in butter and pink pralines, the recipe for this brioche, unique and secretly preserved since its creation, is always the same and the skill passed down from generation to generation.

Praluline® is made every day by our pastry chefs and owes its name to the contraction of the name of its inventor with praline, a treat that is made daily in the copper cauldrons of the Roanne factory.

Generous, delicious, addictive, amazing... Praluline multiplies the superlatives and has made a reputation beyond the town of Roanne where it was created.

“Amazing butter brioche, stuffed with pink pralines” according to the tasty definition of Gilles Pudlowski, the Praluline has crossed the boundaries of its local fame to establish itself as the undisputed star of all Pralus stores , from Roanne to Charlieu and Lyon and even as far as Paris where you can taste it in the Marais district, in the 7th and 2nd arrondissements. Dijon, city of gastronomy, also has a shop on rue de la Liberté, just like Clermont-Ferrand in Puy-de-Dôme where you don't hesitate to queue for a fresh Praluline®. out of the oven!

Praluline has become one of the gourmet emblems of the Rhône-Alpes region.

Often imitated, but never equaled! we usually say.

“Often imitated, but never equaled! »



François Pralus strives to highlight the qualities brought to the beans by the terroir.