La Praluline


One lovely morning Auguste Pralus places a brioche with pralines in his showcase. Since that special day in 1955, the Praluline has never lost its premier position in each of the showcases in the Pralus pastry shops.

Often imitated, but never matched!

La Praluline de la Maison Pralus à Roanne.

On certain Saturdays the shop will sell more than 800 Pralulines! A rich brioche flavored with pieces of pralines made in-house: Valencia almonds and Piedmont hazelnuts coated in rose sugar and then cracked. The addition of these rosy nut bits adding a unique flavor and texture to make the creation so special! The Praluline is regularly sent to enthusiasts over the world (USA, Japan, Sweden...)

This star of the Maison Pralus has also become a culinary ambassador for the region of Roanne.

La Praluline de François Pralus.

“Marvelous buttery brioche filled with rose pralines” according to the tasty definition of Gille Pudlowski.

The Praluline has traversed its local borders to become the uncontested star in all of the Pralus shops (Paris, Charlieu, Renaison…).
For its 50th anniversary, the Praluline is accompanied by a little “sister”: the Pralusienne. Cousin of the Tropezienne which celebrated its half century also in 2005, the Pralusiennne presents a tasty partnership of the Praluline and a delicious crème mousseline with Madagascar Vanilla.

La Praluline  - Brioche aux pralines.
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