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Destination Madagascar...

François Pralus has always passionately loved Madagascar and has owned a cocoa bean plantation and a packaging plant there since the year 2000. Madagascar.

"I always wanted to have my own plantation. I spent two years travelling around to find an ideal place.
In 2003, I fell in love with the island of Nosy-be to the north-west of Madagascar; it’s nick-name is « Perfume Island » because of all the ylang-ylang, vetiver, pepper and vanilla plants that surround you there…
Since then around fifty people have worked on the plantation. First of all they had to cut down part of the forest to create a nursery and plant 25 000 cocoa trees derived from the Criollo variety. The plantation covers an area of 17hectares."

Plantation de cacao François Pralus à madagascar.

For François Pralus, "Criollo is what one might call “the” variety of chocolate, rather like Arabica and Robusta are to coffee."
With a concern for protecting the environment and the quality of its cocoa beans the plantation has made a commitment to sustainable development and since 2007 it has held an Bio Ecocert certification. Created in 1991, Ecocert is an independent body specialised in certifying organic farming products.

Brief overview of what cocoa beans are :
The cocoa tree produces husks which act as a nest, protecting the precious cocoa beans, which are in fact the seeds of the evergreen cocoa tree. Whatever the variety, cocoa beans are fermented and dried before they are sent to our manufacturing plant.

Plantation de cacao François Pralus à madagascar.

There are three varieties of cocoa: les Forasteros which is the most commonly produced today, Criollos which is the rarest and Trinitarios, which was cross-bred from the two previous varieties in the XVIIIth century on the island of Trinidad off the coast of Venezuela.

François Pralus explains that "each cocoa bean has a different flavour according to where it comes from, where it is grown and above all, according to the planter’s special know-how."

Plantation de cacao François Pralus à madagascar.
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