The factory

Le coeur de la maison Pralus

François Pralus is one of the very few chocolate makers who roast their own cocoa beans, thus manufacturing his chocolate from beginning to end. In his plant in Roanne, he receives the very best varieties of cocoa beans from around twenty tropical regions of the world. Converting cocoa beans into chocolate is a long process and requires a lot of know-how to keep the flavour of the beans intact and produce a chocolate of incomparable taste.
The process starts by roasting the dried beans, the most important stage during which the aromatic value of the cocoa develops. Then the beans are crushed and ground.
"The roasting process must be slow and gentle; it should never be too violent, but it must be long."

Fabrication des chocolats François Pralus à Roanne.

Once the different ingredients have been mixed together, the chocolate is refined, then conched, tempered and lastly moulded, thus giving the chocolate its final shape.
Today the company relies on the skills of a dynamic team of 50 people so that you can discover the top quality products sold in the Pralus boutiques.
This is also the place where our Pralines and Pralulines, the historical specialties of Maison Pralus are made.

François Pralus - Fabrication de chocolats.
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