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François Pralus talks with passion about his enthusiasm for "real" chocolate: "You can talk about cocoa vintages just as you can for great wines. The Venezuela grade-up has a slight smoky taste, the Trinitario grade-up is woody, powerful and slightly sharp. Madagascar cocoa is fine and acidic and tastes of red fruit ..."

Le chocolat de la Maison Pralus à Roanne.
Plantation de cacao - François Pralus.

∎ Pure origin bars

Allow yourself to be carried away by the intense, subtle flavours of our range of 18 pure origin chocolate bars made from the best cocoas in the world.
All you need to do is select your destination.
All our pure origin chocolates are manufactured with the same percentage of cocoa, cocoa butter and sugar (except for the prestige bars which are 100% cocoa content) .

Chocolat Pralus.

∎ Pyramide des tropiques

Leave on a world tour of all the different flavours thanks to the chocolate from ten different countries of origin that makes up our Tropical Pyramid.
To offer you a chocolate of the highest standard, François Pralus has sought out the best cocoa beans in the world : an invitation to travel.
Launched in 2003, the Tropical Pyramid has become Maison Pralus’s flagship product.
Let your senses go and taste the subtle chocolate flavours of the different bars; embark on a trip to Papua New Guinea/Melanesia*, Indonesia, the Sao Tomé islands or Trinidad, Venezuela, Tanzania and also Ghana, Madagascar, Colombia and Ecuador.
You will also find a Mini Tropical Pyramid, and our organic Pyramid.


∎ Barres infernales

« Hellishly» delightful!
Another specialty from Maison Pralus is the Barre infernale, an incredible bar created by François Pralus, combining the crunchiness of chocolate and the creaminess of praline. Its secret is the special combination of a delicious praline filled with almonds or hazelnuts and coated with chocolate.

Barre infernale - François Pralus.

Pyramide des tropiques - François Pralus.
Plantation de cacao - François Pralus.
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